Financial Advisor, Business Advisor and Tax Consultant

I measure success by your ability to persevere and thrive through all cycles of business, life and the financial markets.

I’m lucky to have a front-row seat to my clients’ financial and non-financial lives, to help prepare and implement their plan towards their goals, and see the impact over time.

Over 40 years ago I began my career as a business and tax consultant at Deloitte, where I learned the fundamentals of tax and finance. Over the last 30 years in my practice, I’ve studied the art of financial, investment and tax planning, thanks to some of the greatest teachers, my clients.

A Financial and Tax Expert

I start with the fundamentals, your financial data, to understand your objectives, financial situation, and tax picture.

I’m a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS®). I’ve provided integrated accounting and financial planning services in the Charlotte area for over 30 years.

I work with individuals, families, and solo business owners on tax, retirement, insurance and investment planning. I hold a Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF®) credential and I am called frequently to assist in complex financial matters and legal cases—analyzing large and complex bodies of data to extract critical information.

I am a member of a number of industry organizations to stay up to date on current tax and planning topics, and best practices.



What’s important to you, is important to me.

A significant part of my success has been thanks to my wife, Donna, my high school sweetheart. Over the past four decades she has taught me invaluable lessons about how to cultivate and maintain a lasting relationship. As your financial partner, I am in your corner, approaching every situation with both facts and empathy. What you can expect is open, frank communications in a “tell it like it is” way with your best interest at heart.

I understand that even best laid plans can go to hell in a handbasket, situations develop out of nowhere, steering your financial life off course. I get it. I’ll be there, not only in crisis situations, but in everyday business. You’ll get answers to tough questions and help in dealing with delicate matters such as death and litigation.

I aspire to be my clients’ go-to person for all aspects of their financial lives.

I attended the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky and graduated with a B.S. in Accounting. As a personal triumph, I became an Ironman level Tri-Athlete a few years ago. I still can’t believe I swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and ran a marathon. It took 15 hours, I made a lot of friends along the way and proved to myself that almost anything is possible with preparation and a plan.

Ready to bring your goals to life? I’d love to help.


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